Blount Canada Jobs

Blount Canada Ltd is one of the top 100 best companies in Canada. It is located in Guelph, Ontario but it is actually a branch of Oregon Cutting Systems Group, which is located in Portland, Oregon.

What Blount Canada Ltd does

Blount Canada Ltd manufactures professionally-made saw chains, bars, sprockets and solid harvesters.

What Blount values

No matter which branch you are referring to, Blount has a set fixed of values imposed on its workers. Blount believes in producing high-quality products and in providing excellent customer service. The company also believes in being innovative, while remaining respectful of the environment. It trains employees to further improve its services

Possible jobs at Blount

If you do work for Blount, you will feel the sense of accomplishment of being considered part of the company’s success. Blount does give its employees a lot of importance. This is whether you are joining the group as a manager, a supervisor or a factory worker.

Benefits of being a Blount employee

Besides being considered a major contributor to the company’s success, you will also reap the following other benefits:

– medical and dental insurance – educational reimbursement – career advancement – paid vacation and holidays – disability income – commute options program – use of onsite fitness center

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