How Behavioural & Aptitude Assessments Can Help You Select the Right Career

Do you want a personality assessment? Do you want help in planning for your college degree by finding out your interests and aptitudes as it pertains to a potential new career?

Within the scope of personality testing, there exists several different types of psychological assessments tailored to your specific needs, many of which are designed for the purposes of employment.

Consider the following types of Assessments below:

Personality/Behavioural Assessments: In most major Canadian cities such as Calgary, a psychologist will begin the process through behavioural observations, pencil-and-paper tests, and projective techniques.

Behavioural observations are made through interviews. During the interview, the psychologist makes an opinion on your personality characteristics. This opinion is further validated by the pencil-and-paper tests. The therapist then makes use of reliable and valid tests. In the projective technique, the psychologist asks a question and your response will be used in assessing your personality. This type of assessment is available for children, teens, and adults.

Forensic Assessments are typically done for legal purposes, but occasionally may apply if in depth research is required prior to employment.

Intelligence/Psychoeducational/Memory Assessments can also be done to establish your intelligence quotient, educational and memory capacity. For example, if you were uncertain as to how you may fare in university or college, this assessment to identify problem areas in your learning capability.

Career/Employment Assessments are the most common form of assessments when it comes to careers and employment, and are usually undertaken if/when you are applying for a job. However, you may wish to take this type of assessment while you are looking into which course to take in college, for example. This assessment will point out your interests and aptitudes, which will greatly help in identifying the course that best suits you.

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