Barbers Jobs Search in Canada

If you love haircutting and hairstyling and can work best in a socially interactive environment, working as a barber may just be the perfect job for you. For most employers, an academic background on haircutting and hairstyling is nowhere near as important as demonstrable skill in the craft.

Tasks and responsibilities

The main duty of barbers is to cut, shape, trim, and style customers’ hair using various tools and equipment. Aside from cutting and styling, barbers who work in salons also dye, singe, and dress hair according to customer specifications. They are also in charge of coordinating with the other staff members to update and order supplies. Many salons and parlors may sell their own hair care products. In this case, barbers are also required to promote and sell products among clients and customers.

Qualifications and requirements

Like in other professional industries, the qualifications and requirements for barber applicants vary depending on the employer. Although the industry is generally lax when it comes to academic background and certifications, owners of some large-scale salons and parlors still require applicants to have supporting documents to prove their skill and expertise in haircutting. Barbers are expected to have extensive knowledge on the use of various tools and equipment in haircutting, so applicants must be equipped with this knowledge to qualify for barber jobs.

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