Automotive Related Jobs and Canada

Canada is home to several automobile manufacturing companies, which are centered in Quebec and southern Ontario. This is why there are tons of automotive jobs available not only in the mentioned areas, but also in various locations all over Canada. Among the most in demand automotive jobs are for mechanics, parts persons, and engineers.

Automotive and equipment mechanic

Automotive mechanics are required to have working knowledge on car maintenance and repair. Some companies deal with specific automobile parts and brands, so applicants must also have significant background and experience in dealing with these types of automobiles. Aside from conducting repairs, mechanics are also in charge of doing regular maintenance checks on both mobile and stationary equipment. Mechanics regularly deal with different types of automobiles including snow blowers, trucks, dozers, mobile generators, and compactors.

Automotive parts person

Most employers who look for automotive parts person are strict about requiring their applicants to have an academic background or certification of apprenticeship to show their knowledge on various auto parts. Automotive parts persons are usually employed by motor vehicle manufacturers, power repair shops, auto parts retail shops, etc. In most cases, automotive parts persons are also made in charge of inventory and supply management.

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