Alberta Canada Rig Welding Jobs

Although Alberta, Canada offers several kinds of jobs, the state is better-known for its oil-related and construction-related occupations. So if you are a rig welder, you are definitely welcome work in the Canadian state. Rig welders are can work construction firms and oil companies.

The role of a rig welder

Rig welders basically prepare, or rather produce, the materials that are to be used in oil drilling. The oil rig itself in particular is made by rig welders. The set-up will differ depending on where the oil rig will be installed, land or water.

Required skills and education

Some companies do not require working experience from their rig welders, though you may be asked to submit welding certificates to prove that you can handle the job. Communication skills are also important, especially when dealing with co-workers and superiors who may give you further instructions.

Additional information

In Alberta, you will most likely be working at normal office hours, 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. But if the rig welding job needs to be rushed or to be finished soon, you will be ask to work overtime.

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