2 Ways to Find An Accounting Job in Edmonton

An accountant residing in Edmonton can look for accounting jobs through several methods.

Each one of the methods in looking for Edmonton accounting jobs has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a comparison of the ways by which a Calgary accountant can look for a job.

In Print

Sometimes the old tricks are the best tricks – you may check the job ads in the newspaper.

Most jobs advertisements in the newspapers have information about the company, such as the address and contact number. To inquire about an Edmonton accounting job that you found in the newspaper, you may call the company to ask questions that you have prepared beforehand.

If you like the policies of the company, you can set an appointment with the hiring manager so that you can apply.


If you are Internet savvy, you may look for an accounting job through the job websites on the Internet. Most job sites offer free information on Edmonton accounting job vacancies. These websites may also offer tips on how to improve on your career.

For example, Edmonton Accounting Firm Liu & Associates Will often list vacancies directly on their website or ‘contact’ page.

If you are interested in a job ad on a website, you may send the company a professional email with your query and application letter. If the job ad has the phone number of the company, you may also call them for faster processing.

If you are a member of Edmonton accounting organizations, you can also contact them for accounting job vacancies. They may have a database of companies looking for the services that you offer.

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